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Originally Posted by tstrike2000 View Post
Good to hang out at the game with tebman, son of tebman and JB98. Aside from that, and a decent game from Floyd, pretty much a boring, uneventlful loss. This offense is awful while the defense has mostly been awful. Besides his homer, Dunn continued to be completely worthless. When Lindstrom walked the leadoff guy in the 7th, it felt like it was going to be over from that point.
The single redeeming feature of being at this tedious game was enjoying good conversation and laughs with tstrike2000 and JB98. Fortunately, son-of-tebman kept me from doing anything rash as we saw the Sox sleepwalk through the game.

I don't know...maybe this team is better suited for lawn darts. That's something that might be a better match with their temperment.
- tebman
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