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Originally Posted by cards press box View Post
Isn't this the same Rick Hahn that just signed Chris Sale to a team friendly long term contract? And I have no problem with the team showing patience with Viciedo. After the fine 2012 season he had, don't the Sox have to show some patience with him? As for Flowers, the Sox seem to know that he is not the answer behind the plate.

I think Rick Hahn knows what he is doing.
Viciedo isn't the answer either. He's getting a raise next season on the $2.8M he's making this year and will be going into his first Boras hardball arb eligibility the following offseason.

I'd rather see a young cost-controlled player with upside in LF or 1B or DH or where ever they have Viciedo penciled in rather than continue to drop payroll on a guy who can't take a pitch, go the other way, adjust or otherwise improve as a hitter.

At least with Flowers, he's cheap.
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