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Originally Posted by BRDSR View Post
I would say I lean towards the optimistic side of the spectrum regarding this rebuild. Not voodoo optimistic but in the 67-75 percentile range as compared to the average Sox fan.

But if the Sox uncork two 9-figure deals (Iím talking $100 million, not $200 million) within the next two off-season, Iíll be floored. One, okay. Two is not happening.
Note that I didn't say it will happen, just that there is room for them in the payroll. But you're right, I was being a bit careless with my words when I suggested the Sox had room for multiple $200 million players. I should have said there's room for multiple big annual salaries ($25 million+) in the payroll. It's doubtful they will be signing more than one 6-10 year contract which is what it takes to get to the $200 million figure.
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