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Originally Posted by ChiSoxNationPres View Post
It's not the upper limit on spending, my point is there are literally only 3 players that will be getting over $100mil in the next 2 offseasons: Cole, Rendon, and Betts. With so few options, it leaves variables that are out of the Sox control to land one of those guys.

Guys like Grandal, Bumgarner, Castellanos, Odorizzi would be very useful in filling in the remaining holes.

Trades will always be a possibility and a likelihood, just will be hard to predict.

I also don't see as much of a need as others at this point for mega star to be brought in based on how well 2019 went for Anderson, Moncada, Giolito and Robert; with Eloy, Kopech, Cease, Lopez, and Madrigal all with showing big potential in the last 12 months.
We have our Castellanos. His name is Jimenez. I really hope our GM has learned not to spend on DHs.
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