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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
We still had one of the worst offenses in baseball. Individual accomplishment is great, but let's not act like this isn't one of...again...the worst offenses in baseball. We can argue why that is, but what we can't argue about is that we of the worst offenses in baseball. Scored the 24th most runs out of 30 teams. And only 3 of the worse teams were in the NL, where there is no DH.

There's a lot of reasons we only won 72 games. But really, there are more concerns as to why we SHOULDN'T have won that many games. We have a lot more holes than we have prospects ready to fill before we are competitive.
24th with four black holes doesnít shock me or scare me about the future. Weíre going to plug at least two of them immediately with very highly regarded prospects and we have a largish second group right behind them battling for a couple spots that we can stopgap in the meantime. I like what I saw of Collins at the plate, I think he is going to surprise some people.

Iím good with where our hitting depth is immediately and not far down the line. Just give me some damn pitching. Itís depressing watching the dogs we had to trot out there every other day and every day out of the pen. Pitching is essential to this rebuild and needs to be addressed ASAP with at least one big time veteran. The right arms could change my outlook, immediately.
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