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There are some Cubs fans in my life who've taken exception to the attached picture, which may or may not have been taken at my school yesterday morning. Two years ago, one of my students got me that 'L' flag for Christmas. For the most part, I've kept it in the closet. Given that I live in the northwest suburbs, I'd be asking for it if I hung it outside.

Tuesday morning, also known as the morning after the Cubs LOST to the Brewers, someone at my school started blaring "Go Cubs Go" over the PA as the kids were coming in. I went into the hallway, and the two other teachers in my hallway who are Sox fans came up to me and were like, "They LOST yesterday! What the hell?!" Even the kids were commenting that they didn't get the song being played because the Cubs had lost! After that stupid song was blaring and our assistant principal was done giving us the business, asking us what time the Sox were playing that night (), the three of us decided we'd had enough. I told them that if the Cubs lost to the Rockies, I was bringing the 'L' flag to school the next morning.

After we took this picture, the 'L' hung on the wall between my classroom and the classroom of the Sox fan in the middle. At lunchtime, we decided we'd had our fun and took it down.

The woman in the middle posted the picture on my Facebook page late yesterday afternoon, and the comments on the picture from friends have been unbelievable and include, "Haters gonna hate," "Not cool, ladies. Not cool!" and "Seriously?!"

Cubs fans are so thin-skinned. They've done nothing but dish it out for the last four damn years, but as soon as we Sox fans gave it back to them just a little bit, they couldn't handle it. The ones at my school pick and pick and pick at the three of us, even though we say absolutely nothing to instigate it. Yet, when we struck back, they were appalled at our behavior.
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