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Originally Posted by cards press box View Post
I just can't agree with this, as the Sox recent history does not justify such pessimism. In the 13 seasons since 2000, the Sox have had exactly three losing seasons and in two of them, the Sox went 79-83. Yes, the Sox will have a losing season this season but there is really no legitimate basis for predicting that under the Hahn regime, "the losing will go on for years."

The Sox have four lefty starters (Sale, Danks, Quintana and Santiago) on the big league roster and a righty starter in AAA (Erik Johnson) that form a strong starting quintet going forward. That doesn't include Jake Peavy who might stick around but most likely will be dealt for prospects in the next couple of weeks. If you can pitch, you can contend.

And with Beckham, Phelgley, Viciedo and Gillaspie, the Sox do have some young position players to build around.

I'm sorry but I am not ready to go "Eeyore" on the Sox future.
I agreed with you up to that point. But none of those four players are necessarily anyone you want to build around. Viciedo sucks, Beckham has struggled for the last few years before looking good thus far this season, the jury remains out on Phegley but likely he isn't anything great (decent but not great hitter, poor defense seems to have been the best scouting projections for him). Conor Gillaspie has been surprisingly decent but still a well below-average hitter, and I don't know that I want him as the projected starter next season. Maybe Beckham has turned things around this season from his past few years of struggles, but other than that the Sox have zero young position players from whom to build around.
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