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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
Charlie Tilson is not on the 40-man. If someone trades places with Daniel Palka, it should be Ryan Cordell.

We don’t really need both Preston Tucker [i]and[/] Brandon Guyer. One of those guys can go to make room for promotions.

Rick Hahn may be waiting until Jon Jay comes back before he makes any moves.
Jay, speaking of another one we don't need. Is he really much better than Tucker or Guyer, much less the question of why him when the Sox could actually sustain a gain if any of Tilson/Palka/Cordell finally figured things out. Yes, Tilson, Frater's man, who's hitting the hell out of the ball.

Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
Great outing by Cease today, Fulmer with a nice 2 IP stint (ERA now 1.29).
I still hold out hope - a lot of raw talent there. With his delivery issues, it may legitimately take him a while but could finally pull it together. Fulmer still walks too many. Covey too is pitching well... I've seen periods of excellence out of Covey (albeit short periods) that I've never seen out of Burr and others. Considering Charlotte has guys like Roach in the rotation, I would if they shouldn't start Fulmer some perhaps in tandem with Covey to be one of those combo-starters (whatever Tampa calls them). If Fulmer doesn't harness his control, that will be a problem whether reliever or starter.

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