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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Madrigal and Robert are showing that they are men among boys at A+. There’s room to move them to Birmingham now, with corresponding moves that would make sense based on solid/hot starts:

Joel Booker is off to a torrid start; he easily could go to Charlotte to make room for Robert in the Birmingham OF. And both Tilson and Cordell are hitting well enough at Charlotte to earn promotion to Chicago. Maybe Palka goes on the IL with a case of rectal-cranial inversion.

In the infield, if you can make the case that Palka’s condition was transmitted to Yolmer (no doubt from contaminated Gatorade) and thus he also requires an IL stint, then either Ryan Goins or Alcides Escobar could come to Chicago. This makes room in the Charlotte infield for Trey Michalczewski to come up from Birmingham, which makes room for Madrigal in Birmingham.
I think they make these moves in about 2 weeks or so-Yolmer seems to be "stabilizing" a bit, but I like Escobar as next man up if needed- solid defense and fundamentals which this team needs while we wait for Madrigal.

I'm ready for Cordell ASAP- it's nice to see Tilson doing well- but with his weak arm and no power- hard to see him as anything more than a 5th OF.

Bookers a little older- but it's nice to see a (fringe) prospect do well at AA and not hit the wall there like so many others.
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