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Here in DC, the Nationals TV guy says "SEE! YOU! LATER!" for home runs, and the Nationals radio guy says "BANG! ZOOM!" for home runs, which I think is supposed to imitate the sound that fireworks make (though fireworks for HRs were discontinued at Nationals games over a decade ago due to neighborhood noise complaints, except for playoff games). I don't know that either has national currency.

For the White Sox, I will always remember the short-lived "Uh-oh! That's an n-run bye-bye!" call that Darrin Jackson tried to make happen in 2006. I actually went to a Sox game that year with a homemade sign that had DJ's face on it, with the words "Uh-oh! That's an [ ] run bye-bye!" written on them, and a little slit where I could insert the numbers 1, 2, 3, or 4 in case of a home run. But alas the Sox won that game without hitting a single home run! Of course "Light it up!" is the objectively superior Sox HR call from the 2000's.
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