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Originally Posted by Paulwny View Post
I may be wrong but, I believe it was, "That was a White Owl wallop and a box of cigars to (player name).
It was probably a paid commercial by White Owl since Mel Allen used the same phrase announcing yankee games.
I remember it both ways but preferred the phrase in my thread, makes more sense also because it was a White Sox homer and the player got the box of White Owl cigars. I'm also pretty sure that the phrase I liked better was in the early to mid 50s while the phrase you mentioned was later on in the 50s. No doubt that it had to be part of the commercial deal that White Owls had to be mentioned in the Home Run calls.

Never forget Elson doing the General Finance spots with Friendly Bob Adam's at Andover 3-2020 standing by all game long with loans from 25 dollars to 500 dollars.
Batting in the second position for the White Sox, number 2, the second baseman Nelson Fox.

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