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So who said life was fair?

One example the Sox brass likes to point to was when Cleveland was struggling with attendance. MLB made the schedule so that the Yankees would make two trips to Cleveland, in the summer, on a weekend, with school out to give them a boost.

Regarding the warm weather cities playing a number of April home games. Well in the early 90's MLB had this type of schedule in place to try to eliminate rainouts, snowouts, just games being played in lousy weather. You know to actually make it possible for fans to ENJOY the game instead of freezing their asses off. Yes, some teams bitched and moaned but again I get back to the original line in this comment.

You play in good weather in Southern California, Texas, Florida or in a dome?...sorry, that's the price you pay. Teams from Chicago, Boston, Detroit, New York are coming to your town in April.

Just my opinion.

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