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Default Carlton Fisk... Almost a Yankee

The AJ Pierzynski contract negotiations with the Yankees reminded me of a somewhat forgotten part of Sox history. Carlton Fisk had a career year in 1985, but he was also a free agent at the end of the season. Fisk came very close to going to the Yankees in a sign-and-trade for Don Baylor. Hawk had just become GM, and he was intent on Baylor being the new Sox DH (taking over Greg Luzinski) with Joel Skinner being the new catcher.

At various points, the trade was a straight one-for-one deal with Fisk going for Baylor (both guys were represented by the same agent at the time), and at other points the trade involved as many as nine players. Kittle and Britt Burns were rumored to go the Yankees as part of the deal.

Reading the old Sun-Times & Tribune articles on Google News is fascinating. It's amazing how candid Einhorn was in talking about the negotiations in public. He was the exact opposite to the "under the radar" approach.

Here are some interesting articles:

Fred Mitchell & Mike Kiley speculate a trade of Fisk, Burns and Fletcher for Baylor, Hassey, Cowley, & Marty Bystrom:

George Steinbrenner actually had a 72-hr window to sign Fisk, but this was around the time of collusion, so no deals were made:

An article about the Britt Burns trade to NYY. Burns wanted to go to the Braves. Harrelson says Hassey will be the Sox #1 catcher and that they're going for it all.

An article from the NY Times speculating on Seaver & Fisk being traded for Baylor and Ed Whitson:

The Sox almost traded Seaver to the Yankees, just after this 300th win a month earlier, for Hassey:

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