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To note, in 2011 and some past years, I did buy some tickets in advance before the season started. This year? I did no such thing. Of course, part of that was because we welcomed our son to this world in early April. The other part of it was, why should I buy tickets in advance? I can get them when I want them. Despite having a limited schedule for free time, I still went to five games this year (which they won all five).

Let's face it. Last season was a complete disaster. It was the worst atmosphere at the ball park then I ever experienced in my life. And, I was lucky enough where the Sox went 6-2 in those games. I hardly was excited about this season, and so was a lot of people. I know this was talked about, but I don't think this was really covered enough.

What do the Sox need to do? Well, on the field, they need to build a foundation. Relying on the scrap heap simply only gets you so far. You can't go into a season every time and expect everyone to have career years (like 2005). The early 90s team had a solid foundation. My biggest gripe with the Kenny Williams regime is that there was no long term plans. The best businesses have both a short term and long term plan. In the short term, 2005 worked wonders. But, as we have seen, you can only go so far. Let's give Hahn a chance and see what his way of doing things. Hopefully, Williams will only oversee operations and will only provide input when he is consulted. Which, that is the role of a president.

Now, on to my last comment, which may make me unpopular. But, oh well. There seems to be quite a bit of people in the fan base who are still upset about things that happened many years ago, like 1982, for example. That was 30 years ago, and it has nothing to do with the team today. The past is also talked about as well, and it seems to be held against the organization. I was mightly pissed off about what happened in 1994. I didn't watch baseball for five years after that. But, I don't hold it against the team for TODAY's operation. It's in the past. Hell, I don't even hold them against keeping Ozzie around two years too long. He's gone now. I'm fully aware of the flaws of the state of the organzation today. That should be talked about and what needs to be done to improve it, not something that happened decades ago. If you are that upset about it, then why even bother following the team?

I'm a Bears fan first, and I despised Michael McCaskey when he ran the team. He was probably the biggest idiot I saw on television (of course, this was before reality TV)... But, he's not even with the team anymore, and hasn't run day-to-day operations in over 12 years. Hell, I've only seen his mug on TV once since his mother kicked him upstairs. But, I don't hold it against how the team is ran today. Credit/critisim is given to the people running the team TODAY. What happened over 10-15 years ago has nothing to do with the state of the team today. I can go on all day about this topic, but that's for another thread. Just using it as an example.

Whether you like him or not, probably the guy you need to bring in is John McDonnough. He may be an ******* and not liked by the Blackhawks die-hards, but the man knows marketing. Whether you like it or not, if you want to see an almost full ballpark most nights, you need to bring in such people the Cubs and Blackhawks attracted. Die-hards only get you so far.
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