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Default Let Me See Your 2015 Chicago White Sox Roster! (Have some fun, try to be realistic)

2015 Chicago WhiteSox

C= T. Flowers (29)
1B= K. Barnum (22) #10 1B prospect
2B= G. Beckham (28)<--------w/ Marcus Seimen nipping at his heals
SS= A. Ramirez (33)
3B= C. Sanchez (22) #7 INF prospect
LF= D. Viciedo (25)
CF= T. Thompson (24)
RF= J. Mitchell (25)
DH= A. Dunn (35)

SP- C. Sale L
SP- F. HERNANDEZ R (8yr-150M) CONTROL through his age 33 season
SP- J. Danks L
SP- E. Johnson R
SP- S. Snodgress L

CL- A. Reed (24)
SU- J. Crain (34)
SU- H. Street (32)
RP- S. Marshall (33)
RP- S. Castro (25)
RP- J. Quintana (25)
LR- D. Axelrod (28)

Kept it mostly in house This team would have a budget of roughly 96M leaving a TON of wiggle room where if in contention can make some big moves.

I like this 2015 team better than our current team unfortunately.....
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