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I'm pretty neutral on Hahn as a GM- I see some very promising signs with the rebuild pieces, all of the injuries have really hurt the progress (Burdi, Kopech, Dunning, and now Rodon + Burger)- I definitely question the ability to scout/evaluate major league talent- almost none of those moves have worked out in his tenure- but it's still a little fuzzy to me on his level of empowerment vs. KW in that area.

Tatis Jr. will always be a huge black eye- it would be one thing if he wallowed in the minors for a few years and then figured it out- but this kid was almost immediately skyrocketing up the rankings after the trade- just a huge miss- and the White Sox had ALL the leverage in that deal.

I think the real test for Hahn is coming up this fall- does he fall in the trap of the White Sox "lifetime loyalty, no accountability"- and bump along with Rentaria and his staff that the front office has a huge hand in selecting- or (pending results of this season)- does he take assertive action on bringing in a strong manager (I'm hoping for Vizquel), and allow that manager to select his own staff- and hopefully jettison Boston, Capra, etc. and really drive a culture change?
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