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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
When will that be measured? When will the rebuild be final?

My macro disappointment is that it doesn't appear to me that Hahn has changed the infrastructure at all. Now it doesn't surprise me, as Hahn learned the game from KW. But still ridiculously light on analytics, lifers or friends in key positions, they aren't all in on the international scene. And excuses galore.

On a micro perspective, does Hahn know how to build a baseball team? He already failed once, and nearly lit the place on fire in his last month of his first attempt. That's an undeniable fact.
Closing in on 3 years from the decision to rebuild, they really have gotten very little off the scrap-heap or in secondary trades. I can't identify one for-sure keeper. Part of it is lack of effort ...they haven't worked the waiver wire or rule 5 like other rebuilders; they've done very little in July (this edition of the Rays was built in July). This past offseason was spent finding washed up veterans instead of rebuilding this team. It wasn't a serious effort - it was clownshow.
But that's not a surprise because that's how he tried to build a team from 2014-16. In the meantime, Baltimore, rebuilding for less than a year, has gotten more off the scrapheap than the Sox have in 6 seasons.
The injuries are harmful in 2 ways. Obviously they hurt the rebuild. Second they provide the FO with an ongoing excuse, which will, no doubt be exaggerated and used to cover deficiencies (injuries or not, Burger and Burdi were bad picks, e.g.).
When will the rebuild be final? Good question. Everyone will have their own answer to that one. And I agree on one thing: The team can't keep using the rebuild as an excuse for losing.

Also, even if the team becomes somewhat respectable by inching over .500, that doesn't qualify the rebuild as successful. The team will have demonstrate sustainable results. When will that happen? No one knows; fans can only hope. But with one losing season after another, it sometimes hard to hope.
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