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I think the focus needs to be on what we have done to this franchise over the last decade. Rick Hahn is not a good GM, but he is not the case of our issues.

Years of complacency, a stubbornness to change how we operate, and a want for loyalty instead of performance has ruined this franchise beyond recognition.

In my mind, I believe we are the worst run and worst franchise in baseball period. For a long time, we had no goal and no vision. Even in the midst of this rebuild, I feel much the same.

When we tell minor leaguers that they will stay in the minors and we will not rush them, are we saying this because we have a plan for their development but because we think simply playing games means development? This worries me.

I also genuinely believe there is too much to do for this aspect of the rebuild to work. Now that we are finally beginning to embrace analytics, it will take time to fully integrate it into how we conduct business.

I have a horrible suspicion that we will not be winning or contending with this crop of prospects.

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