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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
The problem with the Sox broadcasting is that they have 4 color guys and no play by play guy.
I don't totally agree. I think that DJ does just fine with the play-by-play. That leads to my proposed solution below.

Originally Posted by spawn View Post
Here's the funny thing: I think Ed Farmer is just terrible no matter the situation. He was terrible as the color man for John Rooney, and he's terrible as the PBP man in the booth. DJ on the other hand is gret IMO when he does National broadcasts on Fox. I think with Hawk, he was just overwhelmed by Hawk's huge ego and just wasn't comfortable with him. With Farmer, it is what is is. I just think he needs to be with someone he can be comfotable with, because on the National broadcasts, he does have terrific baseball knowledge.
Originally Posted by sullythered View Post
Rowand surprised the hell out of me with how well he did as a fill-in last year. He was the most informative baseball announcer the Sox had all year, by a mile. I would not be upset to see him get a shot full time.
I agree that Ed Farmer has become incredibly hard on the ears. He just wants to argue all the time and getting relevant information from him (i.e., the score, the situation, etc.) is like pulling teeth. Perhaps the Sox can make him a scout once again. Given his deep knowledge of the game, Farmer probably was a great scout and could be again.

I would make DJ the full time play-by-play voice on the radio. For his sidekick, I would hire Aaron Rowand and/or Donn Pall. I agree that Rowand is exceptionally informative and DJ and Pall seemed to have great chemistry when they have worked together in the past.

As for TV, when Hawk Harrelson leaves, the obvious replacement for TV voice of the Sox would be WSI's very own "Bump 34," Dave Wills. Wouldn't Wills and Steve Stone make an excellent broadcasting team on TV?
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