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Originally Posted by Boondock Saint View Post
That doesn't mean you should just keep on doing the wrong thing.
Just depends on your definition of right and wrong. The reality is that PEDs became a part of the competition in baseball decades ago, and are still now. And it's a choice every player makes. Of course baseball will want to desperately preserve an image of "purity" and Americana and all that horse****, condemn all of it as "wrong". But where has that gotten them? It's gotten them a tainted Hall of Fame, numerous scandals, lies, cover ups, Congressional hearings (!?!), all over trying to get an edge over the opponent.

This is not what's going to happen, because of the aforementioned self-preserving behavior, but the "right" thing to do is that baseball players be seen as professional athletes first and foremost, not as heroes or role models. That any foray into serious organized sports be met with the education of everything that comes along with that, all the choices, the risks. Is it disillusioning, yeah sure. Does the "magic" go away, I guess. But you want to talk about continuing to do the wrong things, continuing to look at things the wrong way, all you have to do is look at how these discussions go every single year.
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