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Stone is garbage. He doesn't no good for the White Sox organization. I would gladly trade his "knowledge of the game" for someone with some personality. I know there are a lot of Hawk bashers out there as well, but at least he gets what promoting an organization is all about. Steve Stone is the same guy that only signs baseball cards in pen...might as well throw that garbage away. It's an eye sore to display and it flat out ruins the card. He is so stuck on the fact that he was a Cy Young winner that he fails to acknowledge the rest of his career.

I actually had the complete opposite response from Dye when I went through his line on Friday and Saturday. Friday I had him sign an 8x10 of the World Series GW hit photo that I never had signed and then Saturday I had him sign a World Series ball. Both times he gladly signed WS MVP on it. Sorry to hear he didn't sign your bat where he should have. I know you were talking specifically about Dye, but most of the players are pretty wise to that stuff and usually ask where you want "bigger" items like that signed.

In between autograph lines, I was able to check out the seminars with the guys from the 83 team (which was entertaining) and the one titled, "Pen Pals" with Thigpen and most of the relievers that were there. I thought it was great that Matt Lindstrom was there even though he just officially signed on Friday. It was a pleasant surprise when I went to get an autograph from Nate Jones yesterday morning and he sat in next to him. I also liked his response during the seminar when a fan asked all of the players what their favorite uniform was and he responded without hesitation, "The one I"m about to wear!" Thornton said he was excited about wearing the 83 unis on Sunday and Thigpen said the same since that was the uniform that he came up wearing.

One of the big highlights for me this weekend besides meeting Tony LaRussa happened when I came back from watching the Hawks game at a bar Saturday night and Goose Gossage walked into the lobby with Roland Hemond. He stopped and talked with fans and signed a few autographs. I guess he was in town because he was being inducted into the Lou Boudreau HOF for the Pitch and Hit Club that Hemond is a board member for.

I also agree about Friday no longer being for hotel members only and the Saturday night dinner being a disappointment, but overall I had a great time as usual. Very happy about seeing some new faces. My one suggestion for the future would be to have the Sox bring in some of their top prospects for Soxfest. I realize this might bring on a few jokes about not having any, but Jared Mitchell, Trayce Thompson, Keenyn Walker, and Courtney Hawkins would be cool to see. Introduce the "future" to the fans!

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