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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
1960 16 teams playing 154 games
1970 24 teams playing 162 games
1980 26 teams
1990 26 teams
2000 30 teams and height of the steroid era
2010 30 teams

Total games played in 2010 is almost double that of 1960. Yes HRs are up from 1960 levels but you'll get a better historical trend line here.
There's more than twice as much talent available today than 50+ years ago that would mitigate that factor, not to mention the technological advances in sports medicine.

The league as a whole may play more games, but pitchers are obviously pitching much less. If it was simply that only the exceptional could face 1250 batters a year fifty years ago, we should still be seeing the elite pitchers throwing 300 odd innings a year.

edit: after more careful reading, perhaps this should have been posted in response to Voodoo's comment.
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