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Originally Posted by tony1972 View Post
This is one of the BIGGEST advantages the Sox have had over other teams and ballparks in the past that has now been eliminated for 60% of the fans during an average game. The Sox took away a big time advantage they had over Wrigley when they enacted the policy.

A comparison would be if the Cubs suddenly enacted a policy stating.."only those who purchase box seat tickets can go to the bars in Wrigleville". (1) Would more Cubs fans start buying more box seat tickets? or (2) would Cubs fans say..'screw it..I'm just not going to go to the game at all". The answer for most would be the latter and it is the same for many Sox fans with this policy.
FWIW, Wrigley blocks more of its ballpark than the Sox do. You can't go into the bleachers with a grandstand ticket. And you can't go into the upper deck without an upper deck ticket. Why? Because the bathrooms and concessions in the upper deck there can't handle standing room fans.

Never heard a Cubs fan complain about this.
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