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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
If teams aren't going to offer the Sox a top prospect for Peavy, then they can stick it. The Sox can simply hold on to Peavy and let him finish out his contract then. Even if next year is a transitional year, there will still be 162 big-league games played, and somebody has to pitch.

Peavy is too good a pitcher to just give away. There's nothing that says he must be traded.
Other teams would call that bet, most likely. The best thing that could happen is Peavy comes back this month and doesn't get traded, but rather gets to pitch into August and pitches well, then gets claimed by a team with good prospects that is desperate to make a deal. It's not a likely scenerio, but plausable. After the season, you're looking at a year of a guy that's been hurt for significant time 4 of 5 years. I know what you think he's worth and why, but I think emotions are a part of that. When he's on, he's phenomenal. But this isn't a case where there's a hitch that a team thinks it can correct. Whether or not he's that Peavy for the next team is a total crapshoot.
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