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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
How is this a plausible trade? Does the "need for a DH" inspire a team to trade one player for another with weaker offensive and defensive skills? The Orioles let Mark Reynolds go to free agency after he essentially put up the numbers they could expect from Dunn.

I know fans never want to see Dunn in a White Sox uniform again, but I don't see how this sort of trade doesn't get a special color.
Dunn is a left handed hitter and the Orioles could use some lefty pop to go with Chris Davis. Why? Well, one reason is that Markakis hashad a down year offensively. In 2013, Markakis in 565 AB's has 9 HR 54 RBI and a slash line of .273/.326/.359. In contrast, in 481 AB's, Dunn has 31 HR 82 RBI with a slash line of .222/.322/.468. Markakis is the better defensive player and is younger (Markakis is 29 and Dunn is 33). Both have a year left on their contracts and the Orioles have a 2015 team option for Markakis.

I think it is a fair deal in this sense: Markakis gives a lot less power and RBI but gives better defense and better average and probably better OBP, although that has been a wash this year. Markakis could, in a pinch, lead off and do OK.

Neither one is great but Dunn gives the Orioles more of what they need and Markakis gives the Sox more of what they need (i.e., all around play). Of course, if the Sox do deal Dunn, they are going to have bring in some power.
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