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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
That is too bad because his performance in September certainly sounded like a guy who was ready to quit. I mentioned this earlier but I thought that earlier in the year Hawk and Stone had never sounded better but then that series with the Royals came and Hawk just shut down. I have never heard a professional broadcaster mope so much in my life.

You still haven't. This situation needs Willsy so bad it makes the earth move under your feet. I wouldn't mind seeing both TV guys replaced. Wimpy in his brief gigs this year was the most complimentary broadcaster imaginable because all seemed to say was "That's right, Hawk." I love Wimpy, but that's not what a broadcast team needs. Stone is strong where Hawk is weak. That's called complementary and I'm sorry that Hawk can't handle it.

Stone's good but overrated. I wouldn't miss them if both were gone.
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