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Originally Posted by mzh View Post
You really don't think Dayan could potentially put up at least .268/19/83? That's what Zobrist averaged over the last 4 years. He'll never walk as much as Zobrist, but people here seem to undercut Viciedo's value as a 24 year old who despite his flaws can ****ing mash.
Just because he can mash has little impact on his future value, there's tons of guys with power who didn't hit well enough otherwise to become an impact player.

If you want to have fun with numbers, how about these: Both players first full season in the majors - one at 22 and one at 23

Player 1 - 364 AB, 26 HR, 66 RBI, 108Ks, .259/.316/.527

Player 2 - 505 AB, 25 HR, 78 RBI, 120Ks, .255/.300/.444

Player 2 is Viciedo, player 1 is Willy Mo Pena, who had a better first year than Viciedo in 150 less ABs, and yet still fell off the map.

There is a possibility that Viciedo will break some his bad hitting habits, be more patient at the plate, go the other way against tough outside pitches, work his way to better hitter counts, strike out less, etc.

But until he does, he doesn't belong in the same breath as a guy like Zobrist, especially if that is just because some people are in love with the long ball.
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