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This season there's been a different hat each month. I've got each except the July hat, though I've only been to a couple games each month. The flying sock hat is the August hat. There will be a new one in September.

When you see this month's hat on people at the ballpark, keep in mind they may have won it earlier in the month. So near month-end you're seeing the cumulative giveaways.

It's only related to checking in on the app. Does not matter who bought the ticket or how, and you do not need a ticket account. Use the MLB Ballpark app only -- it's supposed to link to your White Sox ticket account but my rep told me that it doesn't work properly. My seatmate has no ticket account at all (just reimburses me) and has gotten multiple hats, the Baines poster, etc.

Some random tips for whatever they might be worth: I've seen the people behind the counter give hats to people who did not get the offer but who accompany their friends who did, especially if it's near month-end and they are getting rid of them. I've also heard that people from out of town have wheedled a hat by pointing out how far they traveled, that everybody else in their group got one, etc.

One other thing: after checking in on the app when you get into the park, check your email now and then during the game (you provide your email address when you set up the app, of course). I've heard from a friend that they once got an email saying that they had an offer -- it was the hat in fact -- though for some reason that had not shown up in the "wallet" in the app. Who knows how that happens.

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