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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Chris Bassitt: 1.93 ERA, .92 WHIP
Josh Phegley: .835 OPS
Marcus Semien: .770 OPS


Zack Burdi: 4.91 ERA, 2.09 WHIP pitching in relief in AA ball.

Rick Hahn is that special gift that keeps on the As, to the Padres, etc.
Just curious, I show Phegley's OPS as .758 and it's the first year he's been above .600 since 2016 or .700 since 2015. He's a career backup catcher and he's 31 year old.

Semian has a career OPS of .717 and career OPS+ of .98. He's an average ML SS and he's 28.

Chris Bassit has appeared in a grand total of 44 games mixed between starter and reliever in his entire career and he's 30 years old.

You know, just to add some perspective.

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