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Originally Posted by C-Dawg View Post
I agree, its a very similar situation. The difference is, the Chicago media wasn't covering Beckham's rookie season like he was the next Babe Ruth, like they did Rizzo (at least last year).

Ch. 7 sent Rafer Weigel to Pittsburgh for the Cubs season opener - on the road - but all they showed was tape of the Sox opener, and it was at home. At least they had a Rizzo HR to feature.

Sorry to go all Hangar on you guys but it seemed pretty annoying to me.
My personal favorite was when the Cubs signed Todd Hundley. That was such an awesome story and signing. Todd is coming home to play for his hometown Cubbies and his father gets to pass the torch to him, etc. My thinking was, what is so good of giving a career .239 catcher with a bad shoulder $24 million?

It used to bother me, but now I just laugh at it. I don't even pay attention to the Cubs anymore. Of course, the Sox have their own problems. Kind of hard to laugh at another team when your team sucks royally bad, too...
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