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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
I don't think I've made Rickey into a saint at all. The bottom line is, Rickey probably saw more dollars at the gate, black people spending their money, to watch blacks play baseball. And I've never said Rickey was 100% responsible for Robinson breaking the color barrier. I'm giving Ricky credit for the player chosen to integrate the league. You seem to be giving MLB the credit. And you said Rickey voted to keep Robinson out in '46? He signed Robinson to a minor league contract in '45. Why would he then vote to keep him out in '46? That makes absolutely no sense. Do you have proof? You keep making these outlandish statements, but have nothing to back them up.

So you have no proof then. You make the statement, but want me to prove it for you. Yeah...ok.
I'm at work right now but I really don't know how to give you proof. I'm pretty new to the internet. All I can tell you is read articles or books from players who played in the Negro leagues. I'll try to get a decent source tommorow when i come home. All I'm trying to say is the movie 42 as good as it was isn;t as accurate as you think. It;s a little dramatic for my taste. I'll be honest though, everything I look up about robinson on the internet only tells me how great of a person he was. As for Branch Rickey and your quip. I can tell your the type of person who will bash me but in a week or so you will tell others a different story on what you think about jackie Robinson. Your just looking for an argument.
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