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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
The truly unfair thing is guys like De Aza, who never belonged in a major league lineup to begin with, get called out for not producing or making errors.

He is who he is. His swing is long because he doesn't have the tools necessary to hit another way. He's adequate defensively, but a better corner option. Yeah, he produced for a stretch despite it. But the league caught up. It's not his fault expectations are unreasonable in regards to him. Blame the general manager for not noticing and addressing it. The guy is a fourth outfielder, always has been.
Maybe the league has figured him out or maybe not. The approach he has at the plate this year seems different than last year. He has been way more aggressive (even for him) and the swing he had last year wasn't always this long. The defense wasn't gold glove but he was very solid out there. He also got on base at a decent clip. For part of 2011 and all of 2012, he was a capable leadoff man. Fourth outfielders don't usually hit .280+ after 800 ABs as a starter. I'm not comfortable saying "he just isn't that good" yet.
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