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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Sorry, I actually wanted to finish my comment and got called into a meeting at work. I wish work would get its priorities straight haha.

Anyway, I played first base through college, and I do agree its a more reactionary position. However, range is huge to that reaction. In the MLB most 1b play at the back of the dirt. The ability to get 2 more steps than a less mobile 1b is often the difference between a double and an out. Furthermore, more agility means more balls get caught when diving. A good example that should be fresh is Derek Lee. He could pick it as good as anyone, but he also could get up and catch a high throw (PK doesn't do that well) and also sucked up anything in his vicinity. PK can stab anything hit directly at him, but Range for a 1b is a very important step or 2 to the right and left, and PK does not do that well.

I would still call that reaction and not range (a quick step or 2). True guys like Teixeira would be better than Paulie with that. However how many times in a year was a double down (that anyone would have a chance at) the line really been a problem? Konerko not only saved many a run with his picks at first, but was great at feeding the pitcher on tough 3-1 put-outs, and maybe the best at turning the 3-6-3 or 1 dp of any right hand throwing 1b.

That being said, DH may be in Paulie's near future.
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