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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Seriously, are there still people that hold a grudge over Sportsvision, even after JR opened the checkbook after the World Series years and re-signed the entire starting rotation, gave Buehrle another deal, re-signed PK and AJ twice each? Unreal.

Dynamic pricing I'll give you. The other four things, people need to move on. Seriously, Danny Darwin and Wilson Alvarez are keeping people up at night?
Here is the thing with all of the stuff from Sportsvision, Harry moving to the Cubs, the new ballpark, the strike in '94, the White Flag Trade, etc., while it does not directly hurt the White Sox in 2012 or 2013, it is a lot of self inflicted damage that makes it a lot harder for the White Sox to become as popular as the Cubs, the Yankees or the Red Sox. Had the White Sox not made these mistakes they would not have ceded Chicago over to the Cubs so readily in the late 1980s and early 1990s which means maybe, just maybe the White Sox would have had more people in the park as they were contending in 2010 or last year which means you can keep guys like Buehrle and AJ and even bring in a big name free agent like Pujols. The White Sox can't afford to do that and the reason they can't afford to do that isn't because they don't play in a big enough market, but because they have consistently been penny wise and pound foolish. This policy goes back to the original owner of the White Sox but it has continued under JR and company.

Go Sox!!!