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Default The Forgotten Past

Most people don't remember or know what happened in the mid 1980's. The City of Chicago led by former Mayor Washington wanted to build a baseball stadium for the White Sox in the South Loop at Roosevelt and Clark. The White Sox and the city could not agree on the finances. The White Sox would of payed more in leasing the stadium than what they are paying now at the Cell. The city would of also received the parking and concessions money. The White Sox get the concessions and parking money at the Cell. I don't know what the other baseball teams pay or receive in terms of leasing, parking and concessions money in their downtown ballparks, (St. Louis, Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Minnesota) but I wish the White Sox could of worked something out with the City Of Chicago and had that stadium built at Clark and Roosevelt in the South Loop. The entire perception of the White Sox franchise would of been different if they were playing in the South Loop.