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Originally Posted by soxfanreggie View Post
The key question: are you going to vote with your dollars and not go?
No, because I love SoxFest. It helps me get through the dreary winter months. All I did in my original post was air my grievances with the Sox for their disconnection with the fans. Isn't the purpose of WSI to be a place for fans to go to share their opinions, air their grievances, etc.?

Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
It was *so* much better when it was at the Hyatt and one-day passes were the norm - *and* the players would hang at the nice Atrium Bar.
Absolutely. Those were the good ol' days of SoxFest. I remember when Jon Garland and Brian Anderson were buying shots for fans and drinking with them (2004?). I can always say those two dudes bought me a shot and I drank with them.

I can also remember hanging out in the Atrium bar in 2003 when a very drunk Aaron Rowand asked if I wanted to feel his bicep. That same year, my friend and I were hanging out with Kelly and Jessica Wunsch, and his wife broke out the little family photo album she carried in her purse and started showing us pictures of the kids from their last vacation. At the end of that night, Kelly Wunsch handed me his half-drank Guinness and told me to finish it. I haven't had SoxFest moments that memorable in like a decade!

Originally Posted by My_Sox_Summer View Post
I went for the first time last year. Like most people, I got free tickets from my ticket rep. I think that might be one of the reasons for the high prices, they give out a bunch of passes. If that wasn't well attended last year, I never want to go when it is well attended. The talks were all full on Saturday, especially the 2005 panel. You had to get in line hours before the player was to sign just to wait more to get that autograph. In January they will be selling single day passes like they always do.

I guess I don't see the disconnect that you do. They lowered ticket prices and parking prices to match what the fans asked for in last years survey. What did the fans do to thank them? Averaged about 2,500 people LESS per game. Yes, this was a hard team to watch, but last year they won and people STILL didn't show up. I think it is a mixture of both fans and the team, not just the team not hearing the fans.

As far as the garage sales and whatnot, yeah the price structure is sorta messed up on some items. But you can get some good deals if you get there early and look hard enough. I have two fitted hats that I wear all the time that I picked up at Soxfest last year for $10 each. I also have a shirt that retails over $100 that I got brand new at one of the sales for $50.
This is probably because I go all the way back to SoxFest 1993. I'm only 34, but I've been going to SoxFest since I was 13 years old. The only two years I didn't go were 1992 because my parents couldn't go with me, and 1995 because it was in the middle of the strike.

I remember the days when Nancy Faust used to play the organ on the lower level of the Hyatt where so many of the autograph stages were set up. I remember when they'd sell Kosher dogs at the concession stands. I also remember how the vendor section of the lower level used to be filled with endless sports memorabilia. Grandstand used to be a fixture at SoxFest; they haven't been there since 2006 because the price shot up when the event got moved to the Palmer House. I also remember when Gene Honda used to be heard announcing different signings and seminars going on throughout the day. These days, Gene is seen & heard at the Opening Ceremony, but that's about it.

What irks me about this whole thing is that, two years ago when I aired my frustrations about the changes SoxFest has endured for the worse at a seminar with Brooks Boyer and Christine O'Reilly, I was told to meet them after the seminar so we could talk. Brooks couldn't have been nicer and from that conversation, my on-field Robin Ventura experience was born. While O'Reilly was cordial to me, she asked that I e-mail her my other comments and suggestions because she said she "wanted to hear from someone with my SoxFest experience." I went home after that weekend and typed up a three-page Word document, e-mailed it to her, and never received a response. To me, that says the organization really isn't all that interested in pleasing its fans when it comes to this event.
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