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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
I don't get the 1980s reference, I do know that when I was growing up in the 50s the city had 3.6 million people, it's now around 2.7. Are all those people coming back? Chicago is now number 3 in the USA and before long the Dallas and Houston areas will have more people.

When we visit up there we stay with my sister in Arlington Heights and I know it's a lot easier to get to somewhere like Addison or Elmhurst than to 35th and Shields.

I believe you live in the city so you are not going to agree with any talk about suburbia being a better location for the Sox, but based on how the Sox have performed at the box office at USCF since they moved in I believe they would have done better out west. We will never know for sure but if you were to pin down JR, he would say the same thing. The Sox didn't pull Addison out of a hat and say let's go there, they did extensive demographic studies and came up with Addison.
If you're going to point out JR's studies on how Addison is the Land of Milk and Honey, lest we not forget he also had ambition to move the team to Tampa and Tropicana Field, where the local team now draws even lousier than the Sox despite being decidedly better the last half-decade. Oh yes, and then when they did keep the team in Chicago, they commissioned a park that became essentially obsolete in 1 whole season and have had to invest millions of dollars in it to bring it back to even the middle of the pack in the Majors. So it's hardly a ringing endorsement of Addison if JR and EE's plans to move to Addison as the Savior of the Franchise considering everything else they did or considered at that time has been a hilarious flop.

This is not a debate about whether or not the city is better than the burbs, this is about whether the city is a better location for a major attraction like a MLB park and there is simply no doubt to anyone with even the slightest comprehension of basic urban planning and the way the Chicagoland region actually works that the city is better. It's why the Bears threatened to move but didn't. It's why the Cubs threatened to move but didn't. It's why the Bulls are moving all their facilities to the West Loop. It's why DePaul basketball is trying to get out of Rosemont as fast as possible. It's why several major companies have abandoned their suburban office parks to move back downtown. It's just not going to happen.

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