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This and That:

Because I have no idea how much of my interview is going to make it into the final piece I thought I should give an account in general terms of what I said.

Interview lasted about 15 minutes.

Michael first asked for my background which I gave him.

His first question to me was the reasons I thought Sox attendance had dropped.

Basically I said it was a combination of things... the "dynamic pricing concept" which based on the comments at WSI many fans don't understand, dislike and in some cases feel they are being taken advantage of given the cost of tickets at other legit ticket broker sites.

I talked about because attendance has dropped, it has got to be hurting 'walk up' sales which are a large part historically of the Sox fan base. I said even with the team in first, the cost of the tickets overall and the economic situation in this country is making it very hard for fans to come up with the money to go particularly on the spur of the moment. I mentioned the Tribune story on September 1st quoting a CSN official as saying Sox games on TV are up 10% from last year, that fans are still intensely interested but simply can't go to the game in person.

I talked about the average ticket cost for a Sox game, 4th highest in baseball almost up there with the Yankees and Red Sox then linked that to the Sox performance since winning the World Series. I said Sox fans care about winning and will pay high prices if the team does so but if they are not they won't. I reminded him the Sox drew almost three million after winning the World Series.

Michael asked me 'but the team has been in 1st place most of the year' I answered go back to my comments about walk up sales and TV ratings. I also said that because the club was picked to finish so badly this year there was little off season buzz and fans remained skeptical about their chances which has proved to be correct based on crunch time.

Michael asked me if Ozzie's leaving and the notion that the team is boring without him,had anything to do with attendance.

I said most Sox fans wanted Ozzie gone because he quit on the team, mentioned Tom Paciorek's comments about the feeling in the club house this year compared to last season. Regarding the boring aspect because Ozzie wasn't around mouthing off every day I said it's about winning, everything else to a lot of Sox fans is secondary.

He then asked if I had the 'solution.'

I answered that my comments are based just on what I read, what I see fans posting at WSI and in some cases what I hear but I have no inside idea of what the Sox plan is, just that Brooks is a sharp guy and he must have some logical reasons for doing it the way he is. That said if it was me and I said I'm not a businessman but if sales are bad this off season I'd announce that next year certain section of the park, including some decent seats are going to be sold for 15-20 dollars, all games, all dates, all exceptions. I said I'd rather have an extra 15 thousand a game at 15 bucks, plus parking, plus concessions plus souvenirs then five thousand a game at full price. But I also said if the team is bad next year the Sox could almost give tickets away and it will be a tough sell because the bottom line when all is said and done is winning.

It was a pleasant conversation.

He said he'd send me the link to the story which I'll post so fans can listen.

I also told him after he did that I'd send him the link to this thread so he and his station can read comments about the piece or about the problem in general.

So if you want to weigh in on the Sox attendance situation, this is your chance.


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