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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
That's why we need to stick with Morel- we don't really have any other options within the organization- moving Beckham back to 3rd isn't one of them.

I'm willing to give Morel a little more time to settle in this year- I do like the way he can get a bunt down in the 2 slot- and with a little time that could be a good place for him- see more fastballs, focus on moving runners along, etc.
I concur. Morel can lay down the bunt and he is capable of hitting to right field. It's painful to watch him right now, but I'm hoping he can eventually get comfortable and do the job in the #2 hole...otherwise, you're right - not too many other options anyway. I think his defensive play is a reason to keep him in the lineup, even if not in the #2 spot.
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