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Originally Posted by DumpJerry View Post
I'm not sold on Cole because he is looking for a long contract. We need someone who is willing to take a two year deal with an option for the third year. I'm looking at Baumgartner or Cole Hamels for that-playoff experience.

We need a RF like a fish needs water. Castellanos is a FA this year.

If we can score Castellanos and either Baumgartner or Hamels, we should be sitting pretty.
I would love to give Cole $30mil X6 years, but not sure Jerry will do 6 years for a pitcher, plus he is going to be highly sought after.

Bumgarner will not be a 2 year plus option guy, he's getting 4-5 years. Would love to grab him for 4 years with option.

Have always liked Castellanos, has put up consistent numbers for the last 4 years and will be only 28 next year. He's having a monster second half with the Cubs, hopefully 3 years will do it for him, as the defensive analytics still don't love him so that will tamper down his earning potential.

Also think they need another OFer with defensive versatility and preferably be lefty. Trade for Pederson to play some CF and RF vs righties and have Castellanos and Eloy rotating at DH and a corner spot.

Those additions plus Robert, Madrigal, and a healthy Kopech is a very dangerous team.
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