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Originally Posted by Harry Potter View Post
I've already written about my issues with the vendors, or rather lack thereof, at the double header yesterday

I was wondering if anyone else experienced the sudden, and unannounced, change to the scan in / scan out policy today and the Billy Pierce statue giveaway.

As the fans have done in the past, me included, we would scan our ticket, receive our item, have the red-shirted gate worker near the Fan Pass exit scan our ticket, we would return said promotional item to our cars, then have our ticket re-scanned when we entered the park for good. This cycle happened for the Baines bobblehead on April 27th and the Konerko bobblehead on May 11th.

Only today, this was no longer the policy. Someone higher up decided to change the rules but never told us fans until it was too late. As a result, you had a LOT of angry fans who expected to be able to return to the car with their statues and continue tailgating in the gorgeous 70 degree weather this afternoon.

Was it a problem with the hand-held scanners today and this won't be an issue at the next game? All I know is when talking to the red-shirted gate workers they did not know and seemed to be as caught off guard as the fans were. Even the security guards up front who check your bags were unaware of the change. They kept telling people they could scan out and come back - like we've done all year.

It's one thing to change the policy unexpectedly but the least the organization could have done was either put a sign up at the gate or tell people of the change before they scanned their ticket. This is yet another example of the lack of communication between the organization and it's employees and between the organization and the fan base.

After about 45 minutes, a worker finally told the fans they could go to guest services behind Section 133 and request a pass that would allow you to leave the park, return to your car, then re-enter. Of course, the guest services people were completely caught off guard when a large group of fed up fans showed up all at once and asked for passes to leave.
Sounds just like the mess that was getting a "stamp" on your upper deck ticket to go to the lower deck as a season ticket holder. Nobody knows what the **** is going on. This is easily the worst run franchise (from a fan friendly perspective) that I've ever seen, Dollar Bill Wirtz notwithstanding.
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