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Originally Posted by soxfanreggie View Post
There is no way I can see a deal for Sale not including 3-4 prospects unless it's two amazing prospects or two MLB player-level prospects and someone is taking Dunn's entire contract off the books next year (even then, I doubt that type of deal and dump would happen).

That's actually an interesting question. What would dumping Dunn's $14 million be worth to you? What would you do with that space? If Peavy and Rios both go plus what we lose in Konerko, that would l be one drastically reduced payroll next year.

Even healthy, I don't see a nice offer for him. We may have to take what is perceived as "less" because of his extensive injury history.
I don't know what I'd do, but I would bet that management would be pocketing $14 mil in that scenario without finding a suitable replacement.
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