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Default Fisk and Ozzie

Fisk and Ozzie.
Just my humble opinion here.

We all make mistakes (albeit some bigger than others) but it is what we do after it, what we learn from them, is the key. Unfortunately, some of us have to learn things the hard way, perhaps to break negative pride or immaturity. Getting arrested or getting fired is not necessarily a bad thing in the greater context if it can effect a turning point that the affected can't see they need. Having said that, if someone got killed here, the situation would be much different, with consequences affecting other families.

Chuck Coulson of the Watergate era went to jail and turned his life around for one of lifetime service. These two, one with a statue and one heading a rare championship at the Cell, have a lot of potential to offer guidance and inspiration to youth in and adjacent to the White Sox world. This is not saying they are not already But if not, I hope it happens, and the key is if there is a genuine change of heart as a result of it.

Baseball has given these two much, and you would hope they would put themselves into a position resulting in a change of heart and attitude to want to give back in some greater or more visible way.
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