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C - Production will decrease. (-2)
Flowers' projection: .235/.315 22 HRs 56 RBIs
Pierzynski's 2012: .278/.326 27 HRs 78 RBIs

Flowers gets on base at clip higher than you would think. My projection may be a little generous but I don't know if we are losing the huge amount of offense everyone refers to. We will miss AJ's clutchness and hitting w/ RISP (2012: .316)

1B- Production will remain about the same. (+0)
Konerko's Projection: .285/.360 28 HRs 85 RBIs
Konerko's 2012: .298/.371 26 HRs 75 RBIs

He will be healthier so his stats will improve but no one should expect him to hit the way he did early last year.

2B- Production will remain the same or improve slightly. (+.5)
Beckham's Projection: .245/.310 18 HRs 65 RBIs
Beckham's 2012: .234/.296 16 HRs 60 RBIs

His discipline has been horrible and I hope to see some improvement on it along with his ability to battle of off speed pitches. Aside from that, his BABIP makes him very unlucky and he should see improvement with an average BABIP

3B- Production will remain the same but add a little consistency. (+0)
Keppinger Projection: .290/.328 14 HRs 50 RBIs
Morel 2012: 35 games .177/.225 0 HRs 5 RBIs
Hudson 2012 at 3B: 89 At bats .169/.245 1 HR 11 RBIs
Youkilis 2012: 80 games .236/.346 15 HRs 46 RBIs

While we can't be sure what to expect from Keppinger our 3B production was horrible sans June/early July. I expect at least some consistency

SS- Production should improve slightly (+.5)
Ramirez's Projection: .275/.308 15 HRs 72 RBIs
Ramirez's 2012: .265/.287 9 HRs 73 RBIs

Last year was Alexei's worst statistical year to date. He only had through 2 HRs through June and posted his first OBP below .300. I think he will move a little closer to his career average

LF- Production should improve (+1)
Viciedo's Projection: .265/.320 28 HRs 81 RBIs
Viciedo's 2012: .255/.300 25 HRs 78 RBIs

Viciedo's AVG by month last year: .206, .351, .179, .256, .253, .221.
Terrible months show the inconsistency Viciedo dealt with in his first full season. With a second year with Manto and hopefully more consistency he should improve with time. Only turns 24 in March

CF Projection should stay the same (+0)
De Aza's projection: .278/ .344 10 HRs 54 RBI's
De Aza's 2012: .281/.349 9HRs 50 RBIs

De Aza's production should remain about the same barring an injury. I like the fact that his statistics are even from pre and post all star break splits. Bascially, once the scouting report was out on him, he adjusted too and didn't suffer.

RF Production should remain the same (+0)
Rios Projection: .290/ .326 26 HRs 82 RBIs
Rios 2012: .304/.334 25 HRs 91 RBIs

Rios is still only 31 so we should not see much decrease in his production. Suprisingly, Rios hit over .300 against RHP last year. Unless Rios head issues come back into play and he hits .200 again, he has the talent, ability and age to continue his production.

DH Production should remain about the same (+0)
Dunn's projection: .211/.346 42 HRs 103 RBIs
Dunn's 2012: .204/.333 41 HRs 96 RBIs

Dunn is a tough player to evaluate. I think we could expect the same production and I don't expect less. If anything he could get better but it's to expect the same.

Basically using these silly, rudimentary statistics one could project that we are probably going to have a very similar offensive projection as last year. An offense that was good for the 4th most runs in the AL. As long as we do not have any collapses we should be alright. People are a little too worried about our line up IMO. While we are not going to smash anyone out of the park, our pitching should keep us in the majority of the games.
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