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Originally Posted by A. Cavatica View Post
I wouldn't take free tickets to Wrigley, and the Cub fans I know wouldn't take free tickets to the Cell.
I would. I understand the attitude otherwise, though. I went to a game at Wrigley this past August with my mother (her whole family are Cubs fans, and my aunt and uncle couldn't use their tickets) and enjoyed myself enough. The seats are bad, we were pretty close to a pole, etc, but as much as I enjoy the Cell, I like seeing baseball games in places besides the same ballpark over and over again. It's kind of refreshing. I'll probably take my mom to Wrigley again sometime this year--she's the only Cubs fan in our immediate family so she sometimes feels left out. No way do I overpay for them--I won't pay more than I would for the equivalent Sox tickets, and I'll try to make it a way to see a team or player I'm interested in or haven't seen before...

I do know some people who are kind of on the fence between Sox and Cubs who were all about the Sox in '05-'06 and were interested in the Cubs in '07-'08...I know plenty of people like this.
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