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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
If it was overdramatized, it was done so for reasons different thatn other sports movies because the intent was to drive home the contribution that Jackie Robinson and a few others made to America. which really cam't be exaggerated. Robinson's 10-year career, at least the initial years of it, probably took at least 10 years off his life.
I agree with that. Robinson was actually an intelligent man, you might have even called him an intellect, a rarity in baseball then and now. It's an important reason among many others that Rickey chose him to be the first. Robinson had a highly competitive nature that he had to stifle partly in the early years. Oh he was allowed to beat you with his legs, arm and bat but he had to endure some really cruel abuse. Things got better as the 40's became the 50's, but the early years had to take their toll. I remember seeing Robinson on TV at game 2 of the 1972 World Series in Cincinnati and thinking how bad he looked. He was gone 9 days later at the young age of 53.
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