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Originally Posted by yazz32 View Post
Why the Miller Lite Beer Vendor Bobblehead is still a promotion night? I get Miller is a sponsor but surely a better giveaway can be done to attract said fans...
So what? It's not like people stay away from the game because it is the Miller Lite Beer Vendor Bobblehead game. There are 81 home games, so an additonal giveaway can be used at another game.

Originally Posted by Luis11 View Post
Ask Brooks; with the Red Line under construction next summer, It would be a good time to utilize buses from Union/Northwestern Station directly to and from the Cell for selected games.
Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
Red line will be running on Green line tracks south of Roosevelt. Not the huge problem at least from the north many think it will be. Just an extra 2 block walk to the park which may be offset by not having to deal with slow zones from Roosevelt to 35th.
Agreed with dickallen. The Red Line is almost a mile from Union and Ogilvie stations, while the Green Line is two blocks from Ogilvie and about three block from the north exit of Union Station. The Red Line is the lesser desirable option for people arriving at those stations when compared to the Green Line.

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