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Originally Posted by Harry Chappas View Post
Obviously, the Sox haven't yet 'hit' on any of college bats taken in recent drafts (still early). I made that observation earlier. But in fairness to them, only 1 was taken in the top 5 - Madrigal. Burger was #11, Sheets #49, and Collins #10.
Rodon #3
Fulmer #8
Burdi # 26
That's a lot of high picks over 5 years; and these are college guys, so some tangible production would be reasonably expected. You won't hit on all of them, or even most of them, but you should hit on some of them.
They need to do better than the above.

Back to the draft, what's the objection with Abrams other than KW likes him (and I think that's no more of an indictment, and probably less, than if Hahn and Hostetler like someone). He's a universal top 5 or 6. He plays an up the middle position. I think the top 4 are clear cut, and I'd rather him than a reach for a college hitter. And I personally would prefer him to Vaughn (short, unathletic, Hahn/Hostetler record with college hitters).
I read somewhere that Hostetler's now looking college pitchers for the pick. I trust that's not serious. Yes, the Sox are pitching short, but you just can't reach and succeed.

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