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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Ken Harrelson was one of the bad boy/counter culture baseball stars of the late 1960s. He introduced batting gloves and apparently clubhouse hairdryers to major league baseball. He irritated Charley Finley to the point where Finley simply released him before the Red Sox picked him up in their incredible 1967 run. He announced he was quitting the game at one point to pursue professional golf because he didn't like the fact that he had been traded to the Indians.

I had a book about the history of the Oakland A's (which I have since sold), and it gave an entire breakout page to Ken Harrelson, noting his contributions to the franchise and baseball, although the team jettisoned him before they left Kansas City.
I look forward to this documentary. Hawk has had an interesting career both as a player and a broadcaster. Ruffling feathers and being a polarizing figure everywhere he goes. I personally love Hawk but to many fans, he is public enemy #1. Anyone who elicits that type of emotion would make for an interesting documentary if done right.
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