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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Players sometimes refuse to report after being traded, but it's very rare. The Dodgers traded Jackie Robinson to the Giants, and Robinson decided he would rather retire than play for the Giants. Curt Flood refused to report to the Phillies and sued baseball. The White Sox traded Dick Allen to the Braves for a player to be named later. Allen didn't want to play for the Braves (Chicago media at one point reported that Allen actually could end up the player to be named later), and the Braves swinged a deal with the Phillies. The story goes that Ed Farmer, early in his career, was involved in a three-way deal that sent him to the Yankees and pretty much said he wasn't going to play for the Yankees. Two days after the trade, his contract was sold to the Phillies. Farmer certainly would have refused to play for the Blue Jays, judging from his views on Canada that he has shared during Sox games.

I was surprised to see Buehrle didn't have a no-trade clause in his contract, considering he or his agent or both worked out language in his last White Sox contract that would have made him impossible to trade. And if he didn't have a no-trade clause, I would have expected some sort trade-impediment clause similar to what he had with the Sox.

The money was important enough to the Buehrle family that they agreed to go to Miami. It's easy for fans to see this as a consequence and perhaps even gloat over his situation.

Maybe the Blue Jays will work out a deal with the Cardinals. The problem is that the Blue Jays really don't have any incentive to pick up a portion of Buehrle's contract.
Jackie Robinson would have played for the Giants. He retired months before the trade and didn't make it public due to he promised a young journalist exclusive rights for when he decided to go public. He wrote a letter to the Giants admitting he would love to play for them. He never got along with O'Malley, Campanella or Newcombe either so he woulda loved to beat those three. O'Malley wanted him gone a year earlier but was talked into keeping him. This whole loyalty thing towards Brooklyn was created by his wife.
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